This is the root of all things related to the Build part of Parkour Visions mission. We've got experience at all levels of building. We make sturdy parkour equipment, design and build out gym space in the US, and consult on parks design, both for purpose-built parkour parks and for other parks and public space projects looking to encourage diverse use.

We've also got a lot to share about our own experience of starting a parkour gym, and have developed operations that can help anyone looking to start a gym.

We also moderate and maintain the STURDYmade - The parkour construction laboratory Facebook group, where anyone looking for tips and feedback on their parkour space and equipment designs can show off, ask for help, and get ideas for good obstacle construction.

Parkour equipment construction

  • Plans and models for specific parkour equipment
  • Guides and showcases of PKV's equipment
  • Notes on construction materials and methods

Parkour space design

Notes on operating a parkour business

  • Things you need to think about if you're planning to start a gym
  • Specific Parkour Visions procedures like our injury reports