32-hour Desk & Facilities Position

Summary: 32-hour per week customer service and facilities maintenance position. Responsible for front desk, phones, customer emails, and related scheduling, as well as gym cleaning.

This position will involve operating customer-facing software and web services, scheduling students for classes and events, and responding to customer emails. The position also includes gym and facilities cleaning, organization, and upkeep.

Hours: 32 hours per week (during M-F 2pm-8:30pm, Sat/Sun 9am-9pm). 5-day schedule

Compensation: $14 per hour, Eligible for all full time benefits (health, dental, travel, vacation)

Customer service

  • Handle all class sign-ins
  • Answer phones
  • Respond to customer queries
  • Tell ppl about gym offerings
  • Take customer feedback and route it to proper channels
  • Monitor and respond to all asynchronous (email, vmail, etc)
  • Handle scheduling and staffing for private lessons, parties, workshops, etc.

Facilities maintenance


  • Front desk area: straighten, dust, sweep daily
  • Parents’ area: straighten, dust, sweep daily
  • Kitchen: straightened daily, cleaned 1x per week
  • Bathrooms: checked daily, cleaned 3x per week
  • Trash: checked daily, cans cleaned 1x per week


  • Keep equipment organized
  • Check lost/found, make any calls, donate old stuff
  • Track/organize apparel/products for sale
  • Other facilities projects as assigned

Day in the life

2-4pm - clock in, clean front desk and parent area, sweep other part of gym, check upkeep things listed above, answer phones

4-8:30pm - front desk, phones, classes inbox, other things that can be done at desk

Place in the org

There are 2 front-desk employees, who work together on all responsibilities. There is one overlap “work day” during which both employees are on shift and can work on projects.

This position is subordinate to senior staff member in charge of facilities and member services.

To apply

Send a resume and cover letter to jobs@parkourvisions.org