Parkour travel/event benefit

PKV provides up to $350 to help cover travel or registration costs for qualified employees traveling to participatory or educational parkour events. This benefit is for parkour events only: you can’t use it to visit a friend who happens to do parkour or go on a personal parkour pilgrimage. APK keeps a list of upcoming big jams and parkour events.

You'll need to get approval to use the travel/event benefit before it happens. Email your plans to scheduling to approve beforehand.

Examples of things eligible for the travel/event benefit

  • Plane tickets for a big jam like Beast Coast, Fool’s/TIT Jam, etc
  • Registration and travel for a parkour clinic, certification.

Examples of things not eligible for the travel/event benefit

  • Going on vacation to Hawaii and planning to do some parkour while there
  • Going to visit a personal friend who does parkour
  • Paying extra to get a good seat at Parkour Bowl XXV

Who’s eligible:

Those who have worked a total of 260 hours or more during the last 6 months. Only teach and non-teach hours are counted (no private lessons or stunts). You’ll need to be working about 10 or more hours per week for 6 months or more to be eligible.

Fine print:

This is a “use it or lose it” benefit that lasts the calendar year (Jan to Dec). The date of travel will determine which year’s benefit will be used up.

Eligibility will be checked when you request and we can pay the benefit before the trip when you submit your purchase receipts to Tyson.

The travel/event benefit can be used over multiple trips - Tyson will just need to see travel costs and approve beforehand.

How to use your travel/event benefit:

  1. Email your plans to scheduling, including dates, event description, approximate travel or registrations costs
  2. Get approval
  3. Buy your stuff
  4. Send receipts to Tyson
  5. Tyson will set up a reimbursement for up to $350