PKV Part-Time Coach

Summary: Part-time coaching position. Responsible for teaching a regular schedule of classes, cover classes, etc.

Primary software skills will be in Google Apps (gmail, calendar) to keep track of scheduling.

Hours: variable and subject to class availability (during M-F 3pm-8pm, Sat/Sun 9am-9pm)

Compensation: variable class/coaching rate, starting at $20 per hour.

Completion of PKV coach certification or equivalent.

Parkour instruction

Parkour Visions coaches arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before classes to begin planning and setup. Class preparation includes a simple written plan and potentially moving of equipment to set-up drill stations, challenges, and courses. Instructors teach a standard 60-minute structured class according to PKV guidelines. After class, instructors spend 15 minutes cleaning up, replacing small equipment when applicable, and interfacing with students or their parents.

To apply

Send a resume, cover letter, and at least 3 professional references to