PKV Part-Time Front Desk Position

Summary: Part-time customer service and facilities maintenance position. Responsible for front desk, phones, customer emails, and related scheduling, as well as gym cleaning.

The Front Desk person operates customer-facing software and web services, schedules students for classes and events, responds to customer emails, and performs facilities maintenance, including coordinating volunteer and work-trade members.

Primary software skills will be in MindBodyOnline (we will teach you), Gmail, and Google Voice.

Hours: variable 8-25 hours per week (during M-F 3pm-8pm, Sat/Sun 9am-9pm)

Compensation: $14 per hour

Customer service

Front desk: handle all class sign-ins, answer phones, respond to customer queries, tell ppl about gym offerings, take customer feedback and route it to proper channels.

Classes inbox: respond to all customer queries, check all voicemails and Google Voice contacts.

Scheduling: handle scheduling and staffing for private lessons, parties, workshops, etc.

Facilities maintenance

Cleaning: either clean and sweep or organize volunteers/traders to clean and sweep the gym on a regular basis

  • Front desk area: straighten, dust, sweep daily
  • Parents’ area: straighten, dust, sweep daily
  • Kitchen: straightened daily
  • Bathrooms: checked daily
  • Trash checked daily

Day in the life

2-3pm - clock in, clean front desk and parent area, sweep other part of gym, answer phones

3-8pm - front desk, phones, classes inbox, other things that can be done at desk

To apply

Send a resume, cover letter, and at least 3 professional references to