About PKV : teach. build. share.

parkour: A discipline of physical self-improvement centered around building up the ability to overcome obstacles using only your body.

Parkour Visions is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intelligent parkour practice in the world. We do this by teaching parkour, building parkour equipment, and sharing knowledge and systems we've developed in our journey teaching classes and running a parkour instruction facility.

PKV is a registered 501c3 corporation (EIN 26-1856160) since 2007

Parkour is a long-term discipline, and achieving competence takes time and mindful practice. Ideally, a new practitioner experiences multiple classes of direct instruction by instructors trained in teaching structured parkour classes based on tested progressions, well-thought-out cues, and knowledge of proper biomechanics for the discipline.

We accomplish effective parkour teaching through:

  • Direct instruction in Seattle and surrounding area:
    • Academy classes
    • In-school and after-school programs
    • Parkour workshops and series for schools, organizations, and the public
    • Special events
  • Parkour instructor training and certification via apprenticeship at our Seattle gym
  • Making our trainers available for on-site training for other parkour programs
  • Constant development/improvement of programming and material

For more parkour teaching resources, check out the teach main page.

Having solid, reliable equipment goes hand-in-hand with having a solid, reliable teaching program. Our starting point for equipment inspiration is traditional outdoor city and natural elements - we want skills learned in our program to be just as applicable outdoors as indoors. Well designed parkour equipment is usable by students of any age and background, strong enough to take impact from any conceivable direction, and modular enough to grow in complexity as students grow in competence. Safe parkour equipment minimizes the risk from unexpected dangers like sharp edges, obstacles moving under impact, and changes in grip.

We build parkour-specific equipment, obstacles, and environments through:

  • Design and construction of high-quality obstacles in Parkour Visions gyms to support teaching mission
  • Design and consultation of parkour parks and integrated public spaces
  • Certification of parkour equipment at parkour gyms, parks, and installations
  • On-site consultation for buildout of parkour gyms or parks in the USA
  • Design and create specialty components, primarily to support teaching mission, secondarily to make available to other programs
  • Teaching builders how to build if it supports teaching program

For more building resources, check out the build main page.

Parkour is not a set of secret techniques passed down from masters to disciples, but is developed and spread through passionate communities and online videos. For parkour’s potential to reach the next group of practitioners (who don’t just start jumping after seeing Youtube videos) we need qualified parkour instructors and a public culture that appreciates them. Towards this goal, we seek to spread what we’ve learned through experience and experimentation.

We share quality, well-organized knowledge about parkour teaching and building through:

  • Making parkour instruction resources globally available in written and video form, targeted at training trainers/coaches, rather than end-users (PKVpedia, with MIT Open Courseware as model)
  • Sharing parkour obstacle construction plans and information globally in written and video form, targeted at potential gyms as well as end-users (STURDYmade group, STURDYmade YouTube channel, downloadable plans)
  • Sharing parkour’s general outlook and mindset with Seattle-area organizations that could benefit: parks, schools, community organizations, landscape designers, play activists etc.
  • Disseminating information about starting parkour groups, jams, school clubs, and after-school programs, based on our experience in Seattle
  • Being active in the greater parkour community through deliberate regular visits, presence on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., curation and promotion of positive parkour content created by others that supports PKV’s view of the discipline

We're using this wiki to share our knowledge. If you've got specific questions or if you can't find what you're looking for here, email us at info@parkourvisions.org, and we'll see what we can do to help.

Annual Reports

 2015 Annual Report

Why are we a 501(c)3?

We believe parkour can be a powerfully transformative discipline. We seek to spread parkour through our programs as a public benefit while also keeping our community-based roots (it’s where we came from). To do this, we try to be open in our methods and goals and relatively transparent about our financials.

Our not-for-profit status requires that the proceeds from services we offer go toward growing our programs rather than into shareholder pockets. It also ensures that our employees are paid fairly within our industry and that we make our annual financial reports publicly available. Operating in this way also makes it much easier to fulfill requests for reduced rates from students and organizations who require it through scholarships and donations.