Open gym rules

Open gym sessions are for PKV students ages 6+ (ages 6-8 must be accompanied by a parent on the floor at all times) and experienced parkour practitioners only. With a few exceptions for travel or relevant experience, everyone 15yrs and under must attend at least one class before participating in open gym.

Open gym is supervised, but unstructured time at PKV for students to work on skills, hang out, and have fun. Open gym is not a class: attendees are expected to warm up on their own, structure their own training, lead their own games, and in general set their own agenda (within reason).

PKV staff is at hand to answer questions, set up/move equipment, and monitor safety.

  • Everyone 15yrs and under must attend at least one class at PKV (the first one's free!) before participating in open gym. If you or your child have special needs that prevent you from taking a regular class, please email to see if we can accommodate you.
  • Know the names of the people you're training with
  • Be respectful of others' space and training
  • Be aware of the things going on around you (don't walk into someone's path, jump onto someone, etc.)
  • Test obstacles for stability and durability before first using them in a session; our equipment is portable and can move
  • Be sure to get a good warm up in, especially before any swinging / bar training or training at height
  • Train within your limits: padding and mats don't automagically equal safety
  • Kids ages 6-8 need an adult with them on the floor
  • Keep your head below the top bar of the cage
  • Stay off any surface marked with orange cones
  • Only one person on a crash mat at a time
  • Keep your hands to yourself: no pushing, rough-housing, play fighting (even if there's no contact)