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Parkour Level 2 test

Students must demonstrate mastery of the parkour level 2 material before moving to parkour level 3 classes. In order to do so, they must take a standard parkour level 2 test. The test is pass/fail, and is scaled so that the most difficult movements on the test are first. Failure to complete any element of the test ends the test.

In order to qualify to take the test, students must demonstrate the following strength movements with perfect form:


Handstand on wall (nose to wall) 60 seconds

  • Straight body
  • Hands close to wall

Tuck planche

Tuck planche 10 seconds

  • Hips in line with shoulders

Knees to elbows

Knees to elbows - 10 reps

  • From a dead hang
  • Controlled movement (no yanking up)
  • Knees must come to elbows

Pull ups

5 pull ups

  • One smooth motion
  • Chest to bar
  • Shoulders back/neutral

Decline push ups

10 decline push ups with feet on knee-height obstacle

  • Straight body
  • Elbows around 45 degrees
  • Full range of motion

One-leg squats

5 one-leg (shrimp, first progression) squats each leg

Video forthcoming. In the meantime, see Demon Drills demo:

180 cat, climb up, drop, roll

180 cat between jugs or head-height obstacles at 1.5BL, climb up, top out, drop and roll. Repeat.

(Level 2 climbup)

Wall pass

Wall pass 1.75x your height, symmetrical climb up and top out. Repeat.


Lache to grab level bar at 1.25x your body length. Repeat.

Dynamic jumps

Plyo/stride: From standing start, 2 strides to precision for 4BL distance. Repeat.

Kong to cat

Kong waist-high obstacle to cat on head height obstacle at 1BL. Repeat.

High commitment vaults

Speed/dash/hurdle over waist high obstacle, both sides.