Parkour outreach programs

Parkour practice has transformed the lives of our staff and many of our students, and we share the physical and mental benefits of parkour by providing quality instruction to schools, organizations, and the public in the Seattle area and beyond.

We believe that the best introduction to parkour is based on participation rather than spectation, and to that end, we prefer running intro workshops and class series to performing parkour demonstrations.

Our workshops and series assume zero parkour knowledge and cover parkour fundamentals: how to jump and land, how to use all four limbs to overcome obstacles by vaulting and climbing, and, in the case of on-site workshops, how to train parkour techniques safely and intelligently in participants' local environment.

We teach people ages 3-75+, and scale class size to age, location, and other student needs.

Our parkour intro workshops are one-time events during which we introduce parkour and teach fundamental parkour movements.

These events can take a number of shapes, depending on number of students and time constraints.

At PKV Seattle, we plan a 90-minute workshop (60 minutes for younger kids), usually on a weekday ending before 3pm. We can occasionally offer a Saturday session (3:30-5:00pm), subject to availability.

On site workshops are more flexible, and we can work with you to accommodate your time, space, and number of participants. Although we have some portable equipment, we strongly prefer to use the local environment or facilities (school grounds, local parks or playgrounds, other public space, etc.) so that participants learn that parkour is available to them without special equipment or the need to travel to a specific place to practice.

Email for details and to see about booking a workshop.

Class series allow for more in-depth and comprehensive parkour instruction. Series can be any number of sessions, though we usually start with a shorter series and expand if desired.

We've run series at PKV Seattle and on site, during the day, as part of an after school program, on early release days, etc.

Email for details and to see about booking a class series.

Pricing depends on number of participants, sessions, and budget, but our outreach sessions run approximately $15 per participant per session. We have budget to subsidize outreach programs, so if you're interested in a session but think that the price iS out of reach, email us at to see if we can work something out.

This is only a partial list. If you've got questions about a program at your organization and don't see a similar org here, that's okay! Email to see if we can work together.

  • American Parkinson's Disease Association (APDA)
  • Aspiring Youth
  • BF Day School
  • Billings Middle School
  • Center School
  • Dimmitt Middle
  • Eckstein Middle (via YMCA)
  • Greenlake Elementary School
  • Hamilton Middle (via YMCA)
  • Hutch School
  • Jane Addams Middle (via YMCA)
  • Kidspace Childcare
  • Morningside Academy (Elementary)
  • Nelsen Middle School
  • Northwest School
  • Parkwood Elementary School
  • Seaview Elementary School
  • SOS Outreach
  • Thornton Creek Elementary School