Parkour programs for schools

Parkour Visions loves working with schools to teach sustainable parkour practice and to get kids moving and having fun in their environment! Since 2009, we’ve worked with a variety of different schools and organizations in the greater Seattle area, from preschools to private and public high schools.

If you’re looking for a parkour experience for your students, we provide world-class instruction and have a variety of programs from in-school workshops and series to afterschool programs to special camp-type full and half-day programs.

Parents looking for PE credit, please check our PE Waiver page for details.

School programs generally cost about $15 per student per 90-minute session, but PKV has budget to defray the cost. Programs that run longer than 90 minutes are subject to different pricing, and we’ll happily work with your school to stay within your budget. Email with questions about cost or to set up a meeting to discuss options.

Different program details are below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us (! We’re happy to discuss custom programs and work on different models.

In school parkour programs occur during the school day, and take place either at PKV’s Seattle academy facility or on site at the school.

Intro clinics

Intro clinics are single sessions or a series of single sessions for different groups of kids during a single day. We cover parkour fundamentals: how to jump and land, how to use all four limbs to overcome obstacles by vaulting and climbing, and, in the case of on-site workshops, how to train parkour techniques safely and intelligently in participants' local environment.

Class series

Class series run three or more sessions, and allow for more in-depth exploration of fundamental parkour movements and their applications in various environments and obstacles. The number of sessions dictates the amount of depth and application we can get into.

Commonly, we start with an intro clinic or short series as a trial, then run a longer series afterward.

Special programs

Parkour is more than a set of movements, and there are tons of possibilities for subject exploration and interdisciplinary work. Two example programs we’ve run:

The Overlake School Project Week - Students from The Overlake School came to our Seattle academy for 5 days of parkour and videography instruction. We covered parkour fundamentals as well as fundamentals of videography, and student groups filmed, edited, and presented parkour videos using the techniques they learned.

The Center School Physical Science Tie-in - Parkour Visions coaches went to The Center School and ran five introductory workshops in a single day for Physical Science classes. We covered jumping/landing, vaults, rolls, and wall pops in order to help illustrate concepts of force, momentum, and redirection or efficient preservation thereof. The students’ teachers used the hands-on information as part of a larger project including video analysis and force calculation.

This list has most of the school clients (public and private) we’ve done programs for over the past 7 years, but we’ve done a lot of programs and may have forgotten to list them here:

In-school programs

  • Billings Middle School - Workshops and clinics at PKV and at Billings
  • Center School - Intro series for Physical Science students at Seattle Center
  • Dimmitt Middle School - Career Day parkour intro workshop series at Dimmitt
  • Hutch School - Ongoing workshops at PKV
  • Kidspace Childcare Preschool - Intro workshops at PKV
  • Morningside Academy (Elementary) - Intro workshops at PKV
  • Nelsen Middle School - Impact Day intro clinics at Nelsen
  • Northwest School - Intro workshops at PKV
  • Puget Sound Community School - Clinics and workshops at PSCS

After-school programs

  • BF Day School
  • Eckstein Middle School (via YMCA)
  • Greenlake Elementary School
  • Hamilton Middle School (via YMCA)
  • Jane Addams Middle School (via YMCA)
  • Parkwood Elementary School
  • Seaview Elementary School
  • Thornton Creek Elementary School