PKV coach certification program

:!: Next cohort runs Fall 2017 September 11 - November 20

:!: Application Deadline: August 20

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The most important part of Parkour Visions’ mission is teaching parkour, and we believe that coaches need lots of training to be effective. In order to teach, coaches need to know more than how to do the movements. They need to know how to teach, from class planning to setting up good progressions, keeping students on task, setting the tone for learning, and how to cue and spot and help students learn.

PKV has put together a very comprehensive coach certification program that covers all these things and more. The program runs on an apprenticeship model, comprising classroom learning, online reading and homework, and practical experience, where apprentices will observe classes, assist certified coaches, and get lots of teaching experience running modules and classes.

Check out the PKV Certification Syllabus for details on specific material covered.

The 12-week coach certification apprenticeship program takes about 200 hours to complete (~16 hours per week). Here’s the time breakdown per week:

  • 2 hours classroom learning
  • 6 hours observe/assist (+ writeup from template)
  • 2 hours homework
  • 4 hours training parkour/freerun. At least some of this time is group training. At least some of this time is outdoors.
  • 1 hours gym upkeep

Apprentice cohorts are capped at 8 students.

The vast majority of required hours will take place at our gym in Seattle, WA. Housing is not included and applicants cannot stay overnight at the gym.

The cost per term is valued at $3,000.00. For the Winter 2017 term everyone accepted into the program will recieve a a full-ride (100%) scholarship.

Applications must include:

  1. Resume
  2. 500 word cover letter/essay “Why I want to be a parkour coach”
  3. Demonstration of PKV Level 2 test or equivalent demonstration of skills video
  4. Teach us how to do something physical (juggle, change a tire, do a trick, whatever) in person or via video
  5. For 3 movements (parkour or otherwise):
    • Describe/introduce the movement
    • Demonstrate the movement
    • Troubleshoot (identify expected/common faults and how to fix them)

Please send your application to

Apprentices in the program must

  • Be at all classroom sessions
  • Turn in all assignments
  • Be present at all shifts (assisting class, cleaning up the gym, etc)
  • Keep a journal (any format is fine, as long as it's readable by PKV apprentice cohort leader)

How to wash out of the program

  • Miss more than 1 class in the quarter
  • Drop below 3x/wk assist
  • Be offensive or inappropriate in a class more than once

How to get certified

  • All written assignments satisfactory
  • Pass written cert test
  • Pass practical series (module, module/class, class)

If you or your coaches can't attend the full 12-week cert program in Seattle, we can talk about other ways to get your coaches certified through PKV.

  • You can send your staff to a compressed certification session at PKV. We can do a 2-4 week compressed version of the certification in Seattle. Cost depends on number of people attending, with no opportunity for scholarship since this would be a special program running just for you and your coaches.
  • We can send our head coach you for 2 (or more) weeks to run a compressed certification session on-site. Cost would be dependent on how many coaches you want certified, plus travel and housing expenses.

To discuss alternative certification options, email and let us know how many people you're looking to certify, what your time frame is, and if you'd prefer to come to Seattle or have us come to you.