Scholarship memberships

Parkour Visions offers financial assistance for kids and teens who can't otherwise afford to attend class in the form of pay-what-you-can membership rate.

Scholarship spaces are limited by budget and space in the program.

If you'd like to support the scholarship program at PKV, email and talk to us about donating.

  • Scholarships run on a pay-what-you-can basis: you set the price you can reasonably afford for 3 months of membership
  • Scholarships are good for either 1 or 2 classes per week and include unlimited access to open gym
  • Scholarships must be renewed every 3 months
  • Students ages 6-17 are eligible for scholarships. We have other options available to help adults with membership costs (check out our work-trade-membership)
  • Students on scholarship must attend at least 75% of classes (3 classes per month minimum on a 1x membership, 6 classes per month minimum on a 2x membership) in order to maintain the scholarship. Underused scholarship memberships will be terminated to free up resources for other applicants.

Our application process is simple:

  1. Create a profile in our online system and sign up for a free first class
  2. Attend class :)
  3. After class, figure out how often you'd like to attend classes at PKV (once or twice per week)
  4. Log back into our online system and enter your payment information (since we do not do any paper billing, you'll need to set up either credit, debit, or ACH as your payment method)
  5. Fill out the online application, which includes:
    • Name of student
    • Birth date
    • Name of parent/guardian
    • Email address
    • Phone
    • 1 class per week or 2 classes per week
    • What you can pay
    • Start date for scholarship (give us at least 3 days from application date)
    • Statement addressing how the applicant has benefited (or will benefit), or expects to benefit from parkour classes

Contact us with any questions at