Work trade membership

For teens and adults who cannot afford regular membership, PKV offers work-trade opportunities. It's a pretty simple system: work traders can trade their time and skills for free or half-price memberships.

In order to qualify for work trade, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have access to regular and reliable transportation to the gym
  • Commit to a minimum of 90 days of work trade (starting with a 1x/wk membership)
  • Be free to come to the gym during non-class hours (before 4pm M-F) at least once a week for at least 1 hour per visit
  • Read and agree to the Work Trade Membership Contract (as well as parent for under 18)
  • Make an appointment with Work Trade Manager ( to come to the gym for interview/orientation

The vast majority of work trade opportunities are gym upkeep and maintenance: sweeping floors, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, straightening up equipment, etc.

On occasion, we have room for skilled work trade as well, but it's subject to the needs that PKV has at the time. If you have a special skill, let us know! We've had people work trade computer programming help, obstacle construction, engineering consultation, and other special skills.

Understand, though, that if we're not building at the time, we won't be able to use your construction skills for work trade :)

All work trade, skilled and unskilled needs to take place on a set schedule: you'll commit to set days/times each week to come to the gym and work and sign in/out on your shift days.

Switching days from time to time is fine, but we strongly prefer that you stick to a regular schedule so we can count on things getting done at particular times/days.

NOTE: work trade memberships work just like regular memberships, and are not a session by session trade. This means that in order to maintain your work trade status, you need to work your scheduled hours regardless of how many classes you attend in a month. Work trade memberships also require a 3-month commitment.

We trade at a rate of roughly $10/hr worked toward the price of any class membership. Here's how it breaks down:

Full memberships

Membership Regular price Hours/month Hours/week
Open Gym $45 8 2
1x $110 11 2.75
2x $155 16 4
Unlimited $185 19 4.75

Half memberships

Membersip Regular price Price/month Hours/month Hours per week
1x $110 $50 6 1.5
2x $155 $75 8 2
Unlimited $185 $90 10 2.5

Read the fine print in the PKV Work Trade Membership Policy and Contract

If you're good with all of that, go fill out the Work trade/Volunteer form and we'll get in touch.